About Us

ShisaCare mission statement: “To provide quality therapy services to families living in Japan.” 

ShisaCare was created to address a previously unmet demand for therapy services that accept U.S. insurance in Japan. Okinawa hosts many U.S. Department of Defense families, and while living abroad is a challenge in and of itself, it can be even more of a challenge if a family member has special need(s). ShisaCare helps families enhance communication skills by providing quality therapy services. We strongly hope to make a difference in our clients' lives while they explore a new country.

ShisaCare also offers teletherapy that accepts U.S. insurance across Japan.  

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ShisaCare is a business unit of Yagi Speech, Inc.

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Marisa, SLP/Owner

Marisa Yagi Connelly, the founder of Yagi Speech, created this company to provide quality speech/language services to the international community. She has a bachelor's degree in Art, a bachelor's degree in Communication Disorders, and a master's degree in Speech-Language Pathology, all from the University of Wyoming. She has experience in numerous clinical settings including public schools, private schools, charter schools, hospitals, private tutoring, and early intervention clinic. She is accredited by the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) and holds California and Wyoming professional certifications. Read More

Please note that Yagi Speech, Inc./ShisaCare services are not covered by Japanese national insurance as a U.S.-licensed therapists are not a Japan- licensed therapists