Invoice Payment

Payment Methods

Credit Card

Yagi Speech, Inc. / ShisaCare employs an electronic invoicing system via WIX. You will receive an email from <>, containing your invoice. Through this electronic invoice, you can conveniently view the details and proceed to make a credit card payment directly.

US/JP Bank Transfer

For substantial payments, we suggest considering a U.S. bank transfer.

For our banking information, please send an email to <>.




For our Zelle information, please send an email to <>.


When making a cash payment, kindly enclose the invoiced amount in an envelope. On the envelope, please write the patient's initials and the dates of service for which you intend to make the payment. You can then place the envelope in the lockbox positioned next to the printer in the ShisaCare waiting room. We routinely monitor this box and subsequently update the corresponding payments on the WIX invoice.